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In-Vessel Composter


Donít see a size that fits your operation? Custom sizes are available to meet your specific needs.

In-Vessel Composter Specifications


In-Vessel Composter

Model # Diameter (Feet) Length (Feet) Estimated Daily Total Capacity (lbs.)* Estimated Annual Capacity (lbs.)
SM412 4 12 150 55,000
SM424 4 24 300 110,000
SM532 5 32 600 220,000
SM540 5 40 750 275,000
SM648 6 48 1200 475,000

In-Vessel Composter Front View In-Vessel Composter Side View In-Vessel Composter Back View
In-Vessel Composter In-Vessel Composter
Side View
In-Vessel Composter
loaded with Front-Loader

  • Enhanced Biosecurity by containing moralities and killing pathogens.
  • In-Vessel Composter available in standard sizes (refer to chart) or custom sizes up to 14 ft. Diameter, any length.
  • Several door sizes and options to fit your need.
  • Designed to be loaded with a front loader/skid-steer.
  • Composts organic materials such as food-waste, animal waste/manure, and animal mortalities.
  • Accelerated compost times.
  • Automatic and timed rotation and aeration.
  • Minimal energy required electric power with 110V or solar powered available on some units.
  • Naturally generated heat Ė no heater or heating element.
  • Compost year round with a continuous flow method.
  • Limit odor with enclosed aerobic composting.
  • Greatly improve working conditions for those managing compost.
  • No additives required, only needs the right Carbon to Nitrogen combination.
  • Loading and Unloading Conveyors, optional.
  • Electronic temperature and data recording, optional.

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