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Technical Data


At Smidley Mfg., Inc. we take extreme pride in the livestock equipment we manufacture. Since George Smidley’s start in 1922, we have actively listened to input from customers, research farms and universities. Our skilled team has utilized this information to create traditional and confinement products that rate NUMBER ONE in quality, ease of use and feed savings for hog and cattle producers.

Water Guidelines


Water Guidelines

Water Guidelines

Animal Type Max No. Head Per Drinker Space
All Hogs 40
Cattle Recommendations
Animal Type: #1 #2 #3 #5 Trough
Dairy Cattle - - 30 40 75
Beef Cattle 5 10 60 80-100 150-200
Sheep 7-10 15-20 90-120 120-200 225-400
Lambs 10 20 120 160-200 300-400

Nipple Waterers

Pig Weight (lbs.)
  12 12-30 30-75 75-100 100-240 Sows
Height in Inches 4-6 6-12 12-18 18-24 24-30 30-36
Pigs per Nipple Litter 10 10 12-15 12-15 12-15
Minum Flow Rate Qts/Min .2-.3 .2-.3 .4-.5 .5-.6 .6-.75 1
*Install at least 2 nipples per pen. Locate nipples 14" apart for nursery pigs, and 24" for larger pigs. The distance can be reduced somewhat if the nipples are angled away from each other.

There is a close relationship between water intake and the amount of feed consumed. Water is a very important ingredient in the digestion process. Improper drinker adjustment can restrict water intake. Restricted water reduces feed intake-this in turn leads to poorer gain, and often weight loss.

Floor Space Guidelines


Floor Space Guidelines


Dirt or Cement Feedlots:
Animal Size Area Needed (Sq. Ft.) Area Needed (Sq. Ft.)
Calves 150-200 15-25
Older Cattle 150-200 20-25


Partial or Fully Slatted Floors:
Animal Size Area Needed (Sq. Ft.)
To 6 Months 6-12
6 Mo. to 1 Yr. 15-20
Older Cattle 20-30

Swine - Table #1

Total Confinement
Animal Size Sq. Ft. Per Animal
15-30 lb. 1.75-2.5
30-60 lb. 3-4
60-100 lb. 5
100-150 lb. 6
150-Mkt. Wt. 8
Sows 14-16
Maturing Boars 20
Mature Boars 40

Swine - Table #2

Building w/Outside Apron:
Animal Size Sq. Ft. Per Animal
6 sq. ft. inside
6 sq. ft. outside
Sows 11-12 sq. ft. inside
11-12 sq. ft. outside
Boars 40 sq. ft. inside
40. sq. ft. outside

Swine - Table #3

Pasture Lots:
Animal Size Sq. Ft. Per Animal
10 sows per acre
Sows and Litters 7 sows per acre
Boars 1/4 acre each

Flush pans are available on some models of elevated crate stands and nursery decks. Each 1,000 lbs. of animal weight produces approximately 10 gallons of waste (liquid + solids) per day. This data will be useful in determining the amount of manure storage or holding capacity you will need. Normally, flush pans will need to be flushed every 4-7 days. It is always advisable to add approximately 5 gallons of water to each pen (immediately after flushing) to help reduce the ammonia odor buildup in your unit.

Feeder Space Guidelines


Feeder Space Guidelines


Feeder Type Maximum Head Per Feeder
3 Stall Calf Creep 12-15
6 Stall Calf Creep 30-40
7' Steer Stuffer 50
10' Steer Stuffer 75

Cattle Feeders

Feeder Type Maximum Head Per Feeder
Super 4 24
Super 5 30
Super 6 36
Super 8 48
Super 10 60
Super 12 72
Super 14 84

A low-quality feeder will not last long in a confinement hog house, as the moisture level near the floor will speed corrosion. When purchasing a feeder, look for heavy gauge 304 stainless steel models, with a workable agitator system. Wood feeders with 304 stainless steel lined trough areas are also very durable. Ease of adjustment in a feeder is as important as durability. If a feeder cannot be easily adjusted to prevent feed waste, it can easily cost its owner many times its replacement cost. With feed costing up to 40% of the producer's expenses, it makes sense to keep feed wastage to an absolute minimum.

*The calf feeder was originally designed for Dairy Beef ranging from 200-700 lbs. in weight. However, it may also be used as a calf creep feeder but the producer must furnish his own creep area.


Feeder Type Maximum Head Per Feeder
Super 4 36
Super 5 45
Super 6 54
Super 8 72
Super 10 90
Super 12 108


Size Animal Minimum Hog Per Feeder Space
12 lb. - 20 lb. 2-3
25 lb. - 50 lb. 3-4
50 lb. - Market 5-6
Confinement 7-8

Easy Crank Top Adjustment:


This adjustment system is a standard feature on:

  • Wooden Nursery/Grower Feeders.
  • Stainless Steel Nursery Feeders.
  • Stainless Steel Grower Feeders.
  • Stainless Steel Finishing Feeders.

Stainless Bottom Package:


Stainless Steel lined bottoms have been Standard Equipment since March, 1983. Stainless Steel in these critical areas of the bottom provide an even longer life expectancy.

Feeder Repair and Part Replacement:


Several options are available. Inquire about our guarantee on feeder repair! If your feeder is in need of repair it will go out looking like new, parts are also available.

Custom Design:


We can adapt standard Smidley equipment or construct custom feeding equipment for your specialized feeding or testing program.

Delivery Service:


Under normal conditions, shipment of standard items will be made in two-three weeks of your order being placed. Our own fleet of trucks allows speedy delivery, and guarantees that equipment will arrive in undamaged condition. Customer pick up is also available for your convenience.