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Salt and Mineral Feeders


This feeder is ideal for both large operators as a salt and mineral feeder and the purebread breeder with four or five head on feed as a grain self-feeder. Also a great choice for the 4-H or FFA boy or girl for self-feeding clubs calves.

Salt and Mineral Feeders Specifications


Salt and Mineral Feeders

Model Number

Model # 500CSMO

Model # 500GCSM

Width 36" 43 1/2"
Depth 39' 28 1/4"
Height to Square (front) 55" 62 1/2"
Height to Square (rear) 48" 53 1/2"
Chin Board Height 20 1/2" 24 1/2"
Capacity 300 lbs. 550 lbs.
Shipping Weight 220 lbs. 380 lbs.

Salt & Mineral Salt & Mineral Back View Salt and Mineral with Optional Face Fly Oiler
Salt and Mineral Feeder Salt and Mineral Feeder
Back View
Salt and Mineral with
Optional Face Fly Oiler
Style G Salt and Mineral Feeder
Style G Salt and Mineral
  • Constructed of the finest white oak runners, 2” x 4” finest oak runners, Douglas Fir frame and Medex® siding.
  • Painted two coats of the best non-toxic orange paint.
  • Available with dividers where salt and mineral is to be fed separately.
  • The roof is 26 gauge galvanized, zinc grip steel.
  • Style “G” comes with Stainless Steel bottom metal.
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • For fly (pest) control a noncorrosive DuPont orlon acrylic cattle rub with face flaps.
  • Oilers available in other lengths.