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Sorting Panels


Extremely lightweight sorting panels allow anyone to handle easily but build for rugged use.

Hog Sorting Panels


Hog Sorting Panels

Model # Size Weight
6002S 2' single 7 lbs.
6003S 3' single 10 lbs.
6004S 4' single 12 lbs.
6002B 2' bifold 14 lbs.
6003B 3' bifold 20 lbs.
6004B 4' bifold 25 lbs.

Hog Sorting Panel Hog Sorting Panel In-Vessel Composter Back View
Aluminum Hog Sorting Panel Aluminum Hog Sorting
Panel Hinged
Poly Hog Sorting Panel
  • Durable construction with heavy duty aluminum.
  • Heavy 16 gauge tubes and sheets.
  • Lower exposed tube openings are plugged.
  • Outside edges welded to tubes for strength.
  • Angle braces on corners.
  • Multiple sizes available in single and bi-fold.
  • Aluminum sorting panels can be ordered in virtually any
    custom length.
  • Also available in Poly Panels
  • All shipped via UPS for low freight cost.