Parts for Hog Bars are available through your Smidley™ Dealer.


Model #Hog Bar Accessories
10038Heating Element – 4 drink
10045Heating Element – 2 drink
10046Heating Element – OLD STYLE 1 drink
915LSDrink Lid – Stainless Steel
9152LRLid Rod – 1 Drink or 2 Drink
9154LRLid Rod – 4 Drink
9156LRLid Rod – 6 Drink
9152TLSTop Lid – 2 Drink or NEW STYLE 1 Drink (stainless)
9151TLSTop Lid – OLD STYLE 1 Drink (stainless)
9154TLS Top Lid – 4 Drink (stainless)
91514TLSTop Lid – 1/2 2 Drink (stainless)
9156TLSTop Lid – 6 Drink (stainless)
915BFBarb Fitting
915SLSupply Line (Hose only)
915SLCSupply Line With Barbs
915FPFlush Plug
14536Float and Valve Complete-Long
100932Long Arm, Long Float
100927High Pressure Orifice w/Hood
101119Thumb Screw
14537Float and Valve Complete-Short
100929Short Arm, Short Float Med Tank
100928Low Pressure Orifice w/Hood Med Tank