At Smidley Mfg., Inc. we take extreme pride in the livestock equipment we manufacture. Since George Smidley’s start in 1922, we have actively listened to input from customers, research farms and universities. Our skilled team has utilized this information to create traditional and confinement products that rate NUMBER ONE in quality, ease of use and feed savings for hog and cattle producers.

Water Guidelines

There is a close relationship between water intake and the amount of feed consumed. Water is a very important ingredient in the digestion process. Improper drinker adjustment can restrict water intake. Restricted water reduces feed intake-this in turn leads to poorer gain, and often weight loss.

Animal TypeMax No. Head Per Drinker Space
All Hogs25
Cattle Recommendations
Animal Type:#1#2#3#5Trough
Dairy Cattle304075
Beef Cattle5106080-100150-200

Feeder Space Guidelines

A low-quality feeder will not last long in a confinement hog house, as the moisture level near the floor will speed corrosion. When purchasing a feeder, look for heavy gauge 304 stainless steel models, with a workable agitator system. Wood feeders with 304 stainless steel lined trough areas are also very durable. Ease of adjustment in a feeder is as important as durability. If a feeder cannot be easily adjusted to prevent feed waste, it can easily cost its owner many times its replacement cost. With feed costing up to 40% of the producer’s expenses, it makes sense to keep feed wastage to an absolute minimum.

Feeder TypeMaximum Head Per Feeder
7′ Steer Stuffer50
10′ Steer Stuffer75
Size AnimalMaximum Hog Per Feeder Space
12 lb. – 20 lb.2-3
25 lb. – 50 lb.3-4
50 lb. – Market5-6